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Access to Google Apps for Special Olympics Ontario is available for Special Olympics Ontario programs, communities and key coaches and volunteers. To gain access to this system please contact your Community Coordinator or District Developer.

When your account has been approved and created you will receive an email containing your login information.

The contents of this email (not including your personal login information) are included below:

Welcome to Google Apps @ Special Olympics Ontario

Please keep the following in mind when using Google Apps for the first time:

Logging In

To access your account please follow the link below:

(on the home screen you do NOT need to include the IF it is already listed below the login box)

Your username is: example

Your e-mail address is:

Your temporary password is password.

Once in the account feel free to change the password and to modify the account to your liking.

Special Olympics Ontario e-mail is part of a partnership with Google Applications. As such if you are familiar working with Gmail then you're all set!

Mail Options

You have several options for picking up your mail:

1. You can set up the account to forward the e-mails to your personal account to do this go to the Settings menu in the top right of your mail after logging in. And select POP3 / Forwarding Options. Simply enter in a forwarding email and activate the forwarder and you're all set!

2. Read your mail at Special Olympics Ontario's Google Apps Server! It's easy and it works just like Gmail!

3. You can configure your outlook or email client to pick up the mail from the google apps server. To do this you will have to go to the settings menu and click on Forwarding / POP3 to activate POP3 pickup. Follow the instructions to configure your email client.

If you have any questions about your new e-mail account please let me know.

General Mail Guidelines

Please ensure that you are adhering to the following guidelines when it comes to the use of your new SOO e-mail address:

1. As a general rule the SOO network is only available for use to transmit charitable business messages and content specific to SOO.

2. If you feel that you are in possession of messages, stories, jokes, pictures or other information that may be valuable to fellow SOO members or others then it should be done with two principles in mind. The first is the requirement to maintain complete confidentiality as prescribed by the laws of the province and country, as it relates to how you acquired the persons email to which you are sending the information, and secondly to ensure you send it from your own personal home e-mail account and not that of the SOO.

3. Reply to All: The use of the “reply to all” should be carefully considered. As an example: It is not necessary to “reply to all” when you are responding to a communication which does not require action on your behalf. Of course, if you feel a response of courtesy is necessary to the party that sent the e-mail that is up to you. However copying all other original recipients should be avoided as much as possible.

4. Mass e-mail blitzing: Please refrain from the practice of the mass e-mail blitz. The use of the e-mail account to mass mail can be a frustration to recipients who have not sanctioned general communications. Knowing your recipient is a good business practice. Without specific permission from those in your SOO e-mail database the delivery of e-mail blitz messages causes us potential privacy and annoyance issues. We do not wish this to be the case with any supporter of SOO as it reduces our credibility and the relevance of messages which we need them to consider important.

Using and Learning More About Google Apps

Google Apps is more than just mail. It is a comprehensive set of applications which includes calendering, document management, communications, discussion groups, photographs, video and web site creation and much much more.

To learn more about using Google Apps and the various Google Tools such as Web Site creation please visit our Google Apps Support Site at

The support site is also available through our e-Learning ( and information ( portals.

Please enjoy the use of your new SOO e-mail address and feel free to hand out this address as needed relating to SOO matters. This e-mail address will be displayed on your District website in the sport directory or contact us page.

Thanks and have a great day!

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